Between 3 and 5 May there will take place the Advanced Planning Visit for “Health Academy” in Rodekro, Denmark. The multilateral youth exchange “Health Academy” is a project within the Erasmus+ program which promotes healthy lifestyle. The project will involve 5 young people from every one of the participating countries: Romania, Greece, Poland, Slovenia, and […]

Reflections of the future
April 21, 2015

“Reflections of the Future” is a project that aims to prompt a more informative public debate on the history and heritage of Communism in Europe and the impact it cause 25 years after the Cold War, considering the transformation of European countries since 1989 through the eyes of European idea as prospect of defeat reflexes […]

Six cultures, one language
April 20, 2015

The project “Six cultures, one language” took place in Rødekro, Denmark between 08.04.2015 and 15.04.2015 as part of the Youth in Action Program Action 3.1 – Youth Exchanges. The project involved 6 young people from every one of the participating countries (Denmark, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia and Romania). The objectives of the project were : To […]

Hate Fighters
April 20, 2015

KOM 018 organized training in Nis from 23.03. till 29.03.2015 for young people from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Bulgaria, Denmark and Poland on the topic combat against hate speech through Karl Popper debate as well as creative methods (hip hop dance, rap music, photo and graphics). As the follow up, the participants will […]

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