• Real– based in the resource center in Aalborg, Denmark aiming to create a network from the national resource centers, NGOs, local and national institutions and authorities, citizens and civil organizations that will ease the access to the services in the most isolated settlements and reach the most vulnerable groups of the population.
  • Virtual– interactive web platforms with information about the conditions and mechanisms of the “Europe for citizens” program – conditions, participation, mechanisms, documents, information (data base) for good practices, opportunities for financing civil initiatives, data base of international and national organizations/partners, other resource centers and information points of the Program, forum and selection for questions and answers, news, contacts.


  • Coordinates and supports the work of the national resource centers and networks, and serves as a mediator and coordinator;
  • Offers national and international trainings, seminars and workshops to people interested/working on projects under the “Europe for Citizens” Programme;
  • Participates in the capacity-building and provision of expert help to NGOs for civil participation on European level through the mechanisms of the “Europe for Citizens” Programme and other similar programs, and motivates such participation;
  • Facilitates the creation of contacts on national and international level, and provides expert help with the development of projects on European level (with a stress on the “Europe for Citizens” Programme);
  • Provides information, advice and cooperation during the planning and implementation of projects to participants, project coordinators, present and potential partners and beneficiaries;
  • Facilitates the building, development and consolidation of transnational partnerships among the different participants in the Programme;
  • Supplies information and documents about the Programme, its rules and practices;
  • Organizes conferences, meetings, seminars and other events to inform the target groups about the Program, to improve its management and representation, and to spread out its results and good practices.